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Timeline di Dragon Ball Online: la storia ufficiale dopo Dragon Ball Z

Alright, I’ve translated into English the Japanese Google translation of the Korean DB Online timeline. The original Korean can be found here, and TheDevilsCorpse’s Japanese Google translation is here. Previously, people had used a Google translation to convert the Korean timeline directly into English, but the results weren’t pretty. However, Korean and Japanese are much closer languages, so Google translating from Korean to Japanese results in something that’s actually pretty coherent all in all, leaving me to just do my usual tired old routine of translating Japanese into English. The main problem is that it often has no clue how to handle characters’ names. Fortunately I’ve largely alleviated this by Google translating the Korean Wikipedia page on DB characters, learning how Google (mis)translates the names. This also helped me confirm that, names aside, Google is pretty good at converting Korean to Japanese. That doesn't mean it's perfect; there's still lots of stuff that's weird or unclear besides the names, but I've managed to muddle through it (I think). What's more, this still leaves me with no recourse for the names of characters original to DBO, though I can at least fall back on what I’ve learned of the game’s plot from Suzaku/Amaranth Sparrow’s previous posts on the subject.

So overall I’m reasonably confident in this, especially since so much of it conforms with what Suzaku/Amaranth Sparrow has said. But of course, having no knowledge of Korean and having never played the game, I could be wrong. Hopefully some people with more experience with the game can shed more light on some parts, particularly the names of character classes and the parts that touch on game mechanics. For parts I was really unsure about, I either just left it out, or moved it to “Note” sections at the bottom of each timeline entry.

All that said, let’s get on with the timeline. To provide some context, the official DB timeline places Goku and Bulma’s first meeting in Age 749, and Goku taking off with Oob during the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai in Age 784. So this timeline starts three years after the end of the manga.

AGE 787
The 29th Tenkaichi Budokai is held. Mister Satan is champion, and Mister Boo is runner-up.
--Mister Satan’s runaway success raises interest in the martial arts, and the Tenkaichi Budokai grows in popularity, making Mister Satan and Mister Boo into (even bigger) stars.

Dende resolves to seal the dragonballs.
--As the Elder Kaioshin said, the dragonballs go against the natural order, and with the world now at peace Dende is worried that their presence may backfire and lead to disaster.

AGE 790
The 30th Tenkaichi Budokai is held. Mister Satan is champion, and Mister Boo is runner-up.
--As always, the pair continues to rig the tournament.

Mister Boo divides himself up, creating a female Boo.
-- Mister Boo had grown envious of the intimacy of human lovers. In Mister Satan’s study, he reads “Bob and Margaret’s Forbidden Games”, a classic of erotic fiction. It influences him to create his ideal female Boo.

AGE 791
A child is born to Mister Boo and Missus Boo (aka “Booby-Booby”). This marks the birth of the Majin race.
--Boo had read the phrase “booby booby” in “Bob and Margaret’s Forbidden Games”. Remembering it, he used it as the name of his wife. Boo breaks off pieces of his own body and forms them into tons of dumpling-like objects. He then fires his Love-Love Beam at these dumplings, creating babies. Afterwards these descendants of Boo form the “Majin” race and gain acceptance throughout the world.
[Note: the previous translations provided by Suzaku/Amaranth Sparrow referred to Boo’s wife as simply “Booby”, rather than “Booby-Booby”, so this doubled name may some a glitch of the Korean-to-Japanese translation.]

AGE 793
Mister Satan announces his retirement from the world of martial arts.
--His official reason for retiring is so that he can “give the next generation a chance.” However, the truth is that after dividing up himself Mister Boo had lost interest in the Tenkaichi Budokai, meaning Satan could no longer rig the tournament.

Mister Satan begins managing the “Satanic Martial Arts Correspondence Course”.
--As a money-making scheme, Satan begins selling videos as a sort of martial arts correspondence course. These videos are really just overpriced rip-offs (?) that use special effects to make Satan look impressive.

AGE 794
The “Satanic Martial Arts Correspondence Course” is restarted as the “Pan Fighting Network”, which features Pan as an instructor.
--Purchasers of the “Satanic Martial Arts Correspondence Course” begin demanding their money back en masse, complaining that the course hasn’t made them any stronger. Disgruntled costumers storm Satan’s house, only to be beaten back by Pan (now 15 years old). Pan’s handling of the situation becomes big news, and so the “Satanic Martial Arts Correspondence Course” is revived with Pan as the instructor. This martial arts course would go on to gain great popularity among the young, who saw it as just another sport.
[Note: there’s something about Pan asking Bulma to “develop a system for conveying large traffic to a distant location to create a true martial arts correspondence dojo”, or something like that.]

AGE 796
The film “The Legend of Satan” opens, starring Mister Satan.
--Mister Satan ends up being very active as a movie star, appearing in all sorts of movies, including everything from romance films to action flicks. “The Legend of Satan” is a thrilling action movie which uses special effects to depict Mister Satan fighting evildoers with the same kinds of techniques as Goku and co. Though it fares poorly at the box office, it gains a cult following. Influenced by this film, some begin studying Pan’s system of ki manipulation, leading to the birth of the “Martial Artist” class.

AGE 801
Son Goku vanishes.
--Knowing his end is near, Goku leaves Earth with Vegeta so that the two can finally settle their score. Several years later, [astronomers?] note the explosion of a supernova. Possibly this was an aftereffect of Son Goku and Vegeta’s battle.

AGE 804
Gohan begins researching the martial arts of the past, organizing them in “The Science of Ki-Control”.
--The death of his father Goku causes Gohan to reflect on the power he and his father wield, and so he immerses himself in research concerning “ki”, the source of that power. The book which results from this research, “The Science of Ki-Control”, secretly gains a following. One of the articles included in it, “Katchin Steel Can be Cut!”, later has a big effect on the birth of the Swordsman class.

AGE 805
Trunks and Goten begin practicing “Ki-Control Swordsmanship”, helping along the creation of the modern “Swordsman” class.
--Influenced by the part of Gohan’s book which went over how Katchin Steel could be cut, a certain number of young warriors develop an interest in swords. When Goten and Trunks learn this, they are seized with the ambition to create a “super cool” school of Swordsmanship. Developing their natural potential through intense training, they form the “Ki-Control Swordsmanship” school.

AGE 820
Mister Satan dies. The Earth’s King gives him a state burial.
--The cause of his death…?

To avenge Freeza, the remnants of his army attack Earth, causing great destruction throughout the world.
--Freeza’s army collapsed after the death of Freeza and his father Cold. However, some of Freeza’s loyal followers who still survived awaited an opportunity to invade Earth and avenge their leader. Because they had not been present when Freeza died, they knew nothing of Goku or Trunks. So when they later investigated the Earth, they assumed that “the Earth’s mightiest man”, Mister Satan, had been the one who killed Freeza and Cold. Knowing they’d be unable to handle anyone strong enough to defeat Freeza, they decided to leave Earth alone so long as Mister Satan was around.

But learning of Mister Satan’s death, they finally make their attack. Having researched Earth ahead of time, Freeza’s remnants attack the planet with aliens impervious both to guns and standard martial arts techniques. The Earth’s Royal Army attempts to fight back but is completely defeated, and any martial artists who take on the invaders are likewise beaten back. Fortunately, they are saved by Trunks and Goten, who put their “Ki-Control Swordsmanship” fighting style into practice. It’s from this event that the “Swordsman” class is born.

West City becomes a capsule city
--Freeza’s remnants somehow learn that Trunks was Freeza’s real killer, and his hometown of West City becomes their next target. Realizing the danger, Bulma works out a way to store the entire city inside capsules for safekeeping. At this time, the Majins, having lost their homes throughout the world, all gather from far and wide to protect West City. Even after the war, some of them continue to live in West City, and develop their own unique culture.

With the Earth in crisis, the heroes of the past gather at Kame-sennin’s place and defeat Freeza’s remnants.
--In the end, Freeza’s remnants are defeated by Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and the other heroes of the past.
Prior to this they had all hid themselves and tried not to attract public attention, but as a result of this battle their ki-control style of martial arts becomes a global topic of discussion, and interest in ki grows.

Incidentally, at this time Tenshinhan is 87 years old, Kuririn is 84, Gohan is 63, Trunks is 54, Goten is 53, and Pan is 41.

AGE 821
Having helped defeat Freeza’s remnants, Kuririn creates the New Turtle School.
--With there now being much interest in ki-based martial arts, as outlined in Gohan’s “The Science of Ki-Control”, people begin asking Kame-sennin to start teaching martial arts again. But Kame-sennin refuses, citing his age, and has Kuririn and Tenshinhan take his place. To answer the question of “what can Earthling warriors do?” the two of them create the “New Turtle School” and “New Crane School”.

Kuririn is keenly aware of the gap in physical prowess between Earthlings and Namekians. Thinking hard about what role humans could play, he finally settles on “support”, focusing on ways to weaken the enemy and strengthen one’s allies, even in cases where one is not powerful enough to fight the enemy directly. He persuades the new generation of warriors that people are needed to fill such a role in battles against overwhelmingly strong enemies. He had acted in precisely this capacity during many of his battles with Goku and the others, and believes there is nothing shameful about it. He sets up his martial arts school in the same town where Goku had first been active; despite his talk about “supporting roles”, perhaps in some way he still does consider Goku his rival. Even after Kuririn’s death, his spirit is passed on through the New Turtle School.
[Note: no clue what town they’re referring to here. Perhaps they mean Mount Paozu; that’s not really a town, but some translation glitch may be to blame. It may also be the towns terrorized by Oolong or the Rabbit Gang, or any other place from early in the series.]

Tenshinhan officially establishes the New Crane School.
--During the various battles in the past, Tenshinhan had been eclipsed by the Saiyans and Piccolo. He and Kuririn could not be satisfied with this power gap between them and the aliens. While traveling throughout the world continuing his training, Tenshinhan forms a theory that ki attacks, rather than “support”, is the key. He remembered how ki attacks had allowed him to participate in fights with opponents overwhelming stronger than himself, such as when he caught Cell off-guard with his Shin-Kikoho, or when he contributed ki to Goku’s Super Genki-Dama that destroyed Majin Boo. If one could perfect such ki techniques, they could be used to take on powerful enemies that would be difficult to fight on one’s own. Tenshinhan passes these ideas on to the next generation of Crane Warriors. He sets up his school near the Mountain of Refreshing Scenery (formally Mount Frypan), the home of Kame-sennin. Perhaps this was so that he would never forget Kame-sennin?
[Note: It’s not quite clear, but I think the name they use here is Ryoukei-zan/”Mountain of Refreshing Scenery”, which in the series is supposed to have been Mt. Frypan’s original name before it caught fire. So apparently it has regained that name now that the fire is gone and it is again a nice place (though there shouldn’t be any mountain anymore either, but whatever). Not sure why the place is called Kame-sennin’s home. Perhaps it’s just referring to Kame-sennin’s island, which is sorta-kinda nearby, though not very. Or maybe in DB Online Kame-sennin eventually set up shop near what’s left of Mt. Frypan.]

AGE 825
The theme park “Booby World” opens in South City. The majority of the staff consists of Majins.
--Booby World’s owner is the rich, kindhearted Mr. Ame. He was the blind boy who Majin Boo healed long ago, and he then went on to work hard and amass a large fortune. Ame always wanted to repay Boo no matter what, but Boo was a big star and always busy at the Tenkaichi Budokai, so he never got the opportunity. Satan’s death and the invasion of Freeza’s remnants have left the people of Earth with heavy hearts, so to put smiles back on their faces Ame decides to build a huge theme park. Just like Boo had helped him in the past, now it is his turn to help everyone else out. He therefore commissions Minister Boo, one of Boo’s children, to produce the theme park, desiring that the Majins use their powers to bring people joy. Progress on Booby World continues, with “fun” and “tasty” as the park’s main themes, and so the park grounds are divided up into the “Fun Zone” and “Tasty Zone”. Special technology is developed for each section, and many Majins are hired as staff.
[Note: No clue what the former blind kid’s name should be. The Korean-to-Japanese Google translation tosses out 雨/Ame, Japanese for “rain” . However, there’s a part (left out from the above) that says the kid gave himself that name “in order to never forget his gratitude towards Boo for granting him eyesight”, so apparently there’s wordplay or something here that’s not translating. Elsewhere the Google translation seems to call him Mr. 非/Hi, a prefix meaning “not-“, “un-“. This has a somewhat clearer connection to the idea that he used to be blind, but is nonsensical as a name. This is probably something somebody with an actual knowledge of Korean is going to have to explain. I also don’t know if “Minister Boo” (ミニスターブウ) is the guy’s name or just a Google translation glitch.]

AGE 826
Yajirobe descends Karin Tower and begins cultivating Senzu down on the Earth’s surface.

AGE 834
Majin Manima dies in battle, protecting people from Freeza’s remnants. His death has a big effect on the Majins.
--Those Majins influenced by Majin Manima become active throughout the world, becoming the ancestors of the new Majin classes: “Ultima”, “Granma”, and “Karma”.
[Note: I’m again just guessing with “Majin Manima” here. The name gets written differently each time it pops up; this could even be the same “Minister Boo” mentioned earlier.]

AGE 851
New Planet Namek is destroyed by Miira’s army. Great Elder Muri and several hundred other Namekians migrate to Earth.
--Following this, Namekians take up residence on Earth, and Dende warns the Earth’s King about Miira’s army. However, this information is kept secret from the average citizen, as it is feared it would cause a panic. At first the Namekians live in West City. Later most of them move to Polunga Rocks in Yunzabit Highlands, but some of them remain in West City and develop their own culture.

AGE 853
In response to losing their homeland, the Namekians on Earth begin training for self-defense. This results in the creation of the templates for the modern “Demon Realm Warrior”, “Magic Warrior”, “Denden Priest”, and “Poko Priest” classes.
--It turns out that some of the monsters which Piccolo Daimao spawned long ago still survive on Earth. These had been raised in secret in a laboratory inside Pilaf’s castle, and had now naturally multiplied in the wild. Piccolo himself became aware of their existence, but being unable to resolve the situation on his own, he looked the other way. After the Namekians have settled on Earth for a while, at Great Elder Muri’s suggestion Piccolo and a few other Namekian warriors capture these monsters. In this way, some Dragon Clan Namekians begin researching monsters and become proficient in a fighting style centered around monster-handling. This leads to the birth of the “Poko Priest” class.

AGE 890
The 100th anniversary of the birth of the Majin race.
--In celebration of this centennial, Majin Boo’s house (the Majin Boo Memorial Home) is built.
[Note: presumably this refers to a reconstruction of Boo’s original house from the series, kinda like those reconstructions of Abraham Lincoln’s cabin.]

AGE 910
The 100th anniversary of Booby World.
--Still hiding out on Earth, the remnants of Freeza’s army begin expanding their influence, with Booby Island as their stronghold.

AGE 920
The 100th anniversary of Mister Satan’s death; a memorial service is held.
--There is a strong feeling that Mister Satan should be reevaluated, and so “The Legend of Satan” returns to theaters. The latest CGI is used to add on even more action scenes. Around this time, the Satan School breaks off from the “Pan Fighting Network”.

AGE 940
The “Egg of Evil”, born from the evil in the hearts of the Namekians who immigrated to Earth, is first discovered. It is placed under a strong seal for safekeeping.

AGE 951
The 100th anniversary of the Namekians immigrating to Earth.

AGE 962
The Capsule Corporation History Museum opens.
--This celebrates the 250th anniversary of Capsule Corporation. A history museum covering all of human history also opens.

AGE 972
The black Namekian “Naraka” is born from the sealed Egg of Evil. He gains many allies, and a civil war erupts among the Namekians.
[Note: This guy may be named after one of the Buddhist analogs of Hell.]

AGE 975
A system of childrearing wherein children are separated from their parents for a time to live in the wild becomes national policy.
[Note: there’s a little more here which, I think, talks about Dende advocating this childrearing policy to the Earth’s King, possibly as a way of finding a “savior”. But I’m far from sure. Anyway, this policy seems like a clear throwback to how Piccolo trained Gohan. Perhaps it’s also to explain why the human characters in the game aren’t at home with the parents?]

AGE 990
Various evil organizations begin to emerge, perhaps as a result of the turmoil surrounding the increasing frequency of monsters in the wild.

Dende has “Popo Stones” installed throughout the world.
--Dende has Uranai Baba install these stones in every region; they allow people to designate the place they return to if they lose consciousness in battle. They then automatically carry people away when they’re on the brink of death.
[Note: I think that’s right, but having never actually played the game I’m not sure.]

With the help of a Spirit Medium Robot, Pilaf’s descendant “Paella” resolves to carry on in his ancestor’s footsteps and take over the world.
[Note: not quite sure about that “Spirit Medium Robot” thing.]

The 200th anniversary of the Majin race.

AGE 991
The Red Pants Army is formed and begins working to resurrect the animal/human nation.
[Note: Possibly they may be trying to revive an “Animal-Human nation”, ie a nation of animal people like Oolong. Not really sure what they mean by “revive” though. The Earth’s King in the series is a dog man, but it’s not like his kingdom was exclusively animal people.]

The Tenkaichi Budokai becomes more and more popular.
--Due to increasing interest in the martial arts, the Tenkaichi Budokai continues into the present era. In order to allow more young warriors to participate, the current tournament is divided up into “youth” and “adult” divisions, and there are both “single battles” and “team battles”. However, even after the passage of centuries, the basic rules of the tournament haven’t changed, and contestants still lose if they touch anywhere outside the ring.
[Note: there’s slightly more detailed explanation of the tournament’s setup that I’ve left out. Perhaps someone more familiar with the game’s version of the TB can shed more light on this.]

AGE 995
Showa Long betrays Capsule Corporation and joins Paella’s gang.
[Note: yet another name I have no confidence in. “Showa” seems vaguely close to “Shu” though, one of Pilaf’s henchmen, so perhaps it’s supposed to be a take-off of that. “Showa Long” might also refer to two separate henchmen.]

AGE 998
Miira invades Earth. His mothership lands on Booby Island, and this becomes his base as he invades the past.

At Dende’s request, Piccolo investigates the various evil organizations (including Miira’s army) that have appeared throughout the world.

AGE 999
Trunks, now a Time Patroller, arrives in this era in his time machine. He warns of Miira and the danger to the universe.

Piccolo begins his investigation into the unusual circumstances throughout the world. He learns of the Red Pants Army, Freeza’s remnants, Paella's gang, and Miira’s army.

Returning from his investigation, Piccolo informs Dende of the threat Miira poses to the Earth. At the same time, he realizes that at present Earth has no warriors capable of opposing this threat.

Hoping that a savior will appear among the Earthlings, Dende revives the dragonballs.
--Dende creates multiple sets of dragonballs, hoping that by fighting over them, young warriors will refine their techniques and character. The presence of multiple sets allows for warriors of diverse skill levels to have a realistic hope of completing at least one set, and to train with that as their goal. Dende is however afraid of the dragonballs being misused, and so he makes these new ones weaker than those of old, capable of granting only limited types of wishes.

AGE 1000
Among the 3 races (Human, Namekian, and Majin) many young warriors called “new champions” appear, and continue training and adventuring in order to oppose the various threats facing the Earth.
--This era is the setting of DBO.

Miira uses the Red Pants Army and Freeza’s remnants to seize more and more control of the Earth. In order to become even stronger, he uses a time machine to travel to the past in an attempt to steal Son Goku’s DNA.

Guided by Trunks, the new heroes avert the threats posed by the history-warping Time Breakers.
--Thanks to them, it looked as if the multiple diverging histories had been safely repaired back into one…however, the roots of evil still remain within the shadows and crevices of history.
[Note: besides repairing the divergent histories, it also says something about the heroes averting “the rupturing of time storage”, but I have no clue what this could mean.]

Presto ci sarà la traduzione in italiano.

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